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All Member List

Baguio Pest Management Ltd

BASF (China) Company Ltd.

Bayer Environmental Science

Best Result Cleaning Services Limited

Centuryan Pest Control Services Ltd.

Ecolab Ltd.

Fortune Cleaning and Pest Control Services Co. Ltd

Green Air Co. Ltd.

Hip Po Arboriculture Company Limited

Hong Kong Pest Control

Insectkil Pest Control Management Limited

Integrity Service Limited

ISS Thomas Cowan Co. Ltd

Johnson Cleaning Services Co. Ltd.

Johnson Group Pest Specialist Ltd.

Kan Kee Cleaning Services Co. Ltd.

Kenneth Pest Control Ltd

LBS Corporation Limited

MasterClean Carpet Systems Limited

Nixon Cleaning Co Ltd

PCOstore Limited

Pest Control Centre (HK) Ltd.


Pesticide Services Co. Ltd.

Polyking Services Limited

Protect Pest Control Ltd

Rentokil Initial Hong Kong Ltd.

Scientific Pest Management (H.K.) Ltd.

Sgarbo Carpet Service &Pest Control Co. Ltd.

Standard (HK) Cleaning and Pest Control Co. Ltd.

Swan Pest Control Services Ltd

Syngenta (China) Investment Co. Ltd.

T.J. Pest Control Services Limited

Tsang Lik Services Ltd.

United Elite Services Ltd.

Waihong Pest Control Services Ltd.

Well Techpro Pest Control Ltd.

Wellink Pest Control Limited

Winson Professional Pest Control Co Ltd

Worldwide Fumigation Ltd.